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Permit Applications 
Also available at the Borough Office
If you would have any questions or would need a permit that is not listed below, please contact the Borough Manager at 412-276-0363 or at ALoutitt@HeidelbergBorough.com.

Building and / or Zoning Permit Application

Dye Test Certification

Occupancy Permit Application

(Please note that at a sale of real estate within Heidelberg Borough, a dye test certification, lien letter request, tax certification, and occupancy inspection is required. The Borough of Heidelberg's Building Official does enter the residence for occupancy inspections. Please see below for the necessary fees)

Portable Storage Structure or Refuse Structure Permit Application (Dumpsters and PODs)

Sign Permit Application

Right to Know Document Request Form

Driveway / Curb Cut Opening Application

Demolition Permit Application

Sewer Tap Application

Solicitation Permit Application

Street Opening Permit

Mechanical Amusement Device Application

Table and Chair Rental Request Form

PARK SHELTER RENTAL - NOTE:  When requesting to rent the Park Shelter and request the permission to have Alcohol at the Park Shelter, both permit applications need to be filled out and executed.  If you want to rent the shelter and will not have alcohol, the Rental Application for Park Shelter is then only needed. 

Rental Application for Park Shelter at Heidelberg Park

Park Shelter - ALCOHOL Permit Application

Community Room Rental Application

Community Room - Application Procedures / Rules

Community Room - Deposit Return Checklist

Application for Membership on an Advisory Board (Planning / Zoning / CSB)

Tax Forms

Local Earned Income Tax - Annual Tax Return Form

Note:  Heidelberg Earned Income Tax is 1% (split 50/50 with the Chartiers Valley School District).  Heidelberg Resident PSD Code is 730503

Federal and State Tax Forms

IRS - Official Website

Federal Tax Forms & Publications

IRS E-File

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

PA Tax Forms & Publications

PA Revenue E-Services Center

                                    Police / Accident Reports                  $15.00
Animal Registrations $5.00
Borough Parking Fines $15.00
Applicant Finger Printing $10.00
Rental Operating License / Inspectio $65.00
Lien Letter $25.00
Mechanical Amusement Permit $1,000.00
Jukebox $75.00
Building Permits See Separate Fee Schedule
Demolition Permits ; Residential $50.00
Demolition Permits ; Commercial $100.00
Electrical Permit $50.00
Occupancy Permits ; Residential $65.00
Occupancy Permits ; Commercial $100.00
Sewer Tap In Permit $1,000.00
Zoning Permit $50.00
Real Estate Tax Certificate $30.00
Street Opening Permit $100.00
Zoning Hearing Board Fe $750.00
Swimming Pool ; Above Ground Permit $65.00
Swimming Pool ; In Ground Permit $95.00
Sign Permit $20 + $2/Square Foot
Solicitation Permit ; Day Permit $25.00
Solicitation Permit ; Yearly Permit $100.00
Dye Test Certification $25.00
False Alarm ; Second Activation Fee $50.00
False Alarm; Third Activation Fee $75-$300
Copies Per Page $0.25
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Certification of Record $1.00
Curb Cut / Driveway Permit $25.00
Curb Cut / Driveway ; Deposit $250.00
Billboard Application Permit $250.00
Billboard Application ; Deposit $2,500.00
Park Picnic Pavilion Rental ; Resident $75.00
Park Picnic Pavilion Rental ; Nonresident $100.00
Park Picnic Pavilion ; Alcohol Permit $25.00
Community Room Rental - Resident $50.00
Community Room Rental ; Nonresident $75.00
Portable Storage Structure Zoning Permit $50.00
Portable Refuse Storage Structure Zoning Permit $15.00
Conditional Use Permit - Residential $200.00
Conditional Use Permit - Commercial $300.00

Heidelberg Borough - 1631 E. Railroad Street, Heidelberg, PA 15106