ࡱ> _a^ >bjbj 4 t)ct)c% LLLLL```8$`*s"rrrrrrr$uwvrLrLLrFLLrr` f0VkrFb<rr0*sbDxD^DxxffnDxLig, "#rrv*sDx B : Borough of Heidelberg SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING: 2016 BUDGET November 24, 2015 6:30 PM Heidelberg Borough Office, Heidelberg, PA 15106 The 2015 Budget Special Heidelberg Borough Council Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM in the Heidelberg Borough Office, 1631 East Railroad Street. Roll Call: President Nolan Present Vice President Jordan Present Councilman DeBar Absent Councilman Duda Absent Councilman Pattinato Present Mayor LaSota Present Manager Loutitt Present Solicitor Tucceri Absent Public Comment for Agenda Items None. Old Business None. New Business Manager Loutitt provided members of Council with updated versions of the budgets for the General Fund, Rental Fund, Sewer Fund, and the Liquid Fuels Fund as well as portfolio of options for employee wages. Council discussed version two of the proposed 2016 Municipal Budget submitted by Manager Loutitt. Councilman Jordan asked that Borough employees receive 3% raises in 2016 in order to get them closer to the fair market price for their position in other municipalities. President Nolan suggested that employees either receive no raises and pay nothing into their health insurances or employees receive raises and pay for at least a portion of their health care. President Nolan said that not paying into health care is a raise. Councilman Pattinato agreed that if employees receive any raises this year, they should be minimal. Councilman Pattinato left the meeting at 8:15 PM. Mayor LaSota advised Council that they should consider increasing property taxes by one mil as well as increase sewer rates to help cover costs of imminent sewer related projects. Manager Loutitt is to update the budget, showing an option with a tentative one-mil real estate tax increase and with other discussed changes and re-distribute the updated version to Council. Public Comment None. Good of the Order None. Executive Session None. Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 10:15 PM. Respectfully submitted, ________________________ Amanda Loutitt Borough Manager     PAGE  PAGE 2 :;EF   + , ; > E F [ ^ e f g w z   & ǽzh9n5:B*\phh9n0JB*phh9nB*phh9nh9n5B*\ph hZ0J6 hdW0J6 h0J6hZhZ0J6hZCJaJh9nCJaJhZhZCJaJh>*CJaJhu!CJaJhrhr5:CJ aJ 0;W , F f  ' . / < C D gd9ngd5[$\$`gd9n [$\$gd9ngddW$&dPa$gdZ$a$gdZ& ' ( - . / ; < = B C D P R " e f . 0 1 3 @BQRWYklrs伴ܬ ho5:h)>ho0J6ho ho0J6hoB*phh5B*phh55:B*\phhM*B*phh9n5B*\phh9nB*phh9n5:B*\phh5 h55:h9n6D Q R ! 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