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Heidelberg Borough Council Ended Executive Session at 7:20 PM The following items were discussed; no actions were taken: Administration and Finance Council discussed its sewer billing. Manager Loutitt reported that she would like to set a protocol with Council that lays out protocol for assessing late notices. Manager Loutitt is to contact Diversified Technologies to learn what has been done in the past for sewer billing and how much it costs to have Diversified send out late notices. Manager Loutitt is also to work with the Borough Solicitors to come up with a protocol. Public Safety Heidelberg Borough Council is to have a Special Meeting with Fire Chief Wissel at the Heidelberg Volunteer Fire Department on September 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM. This meeting will be advertised. Parks Council discussed the status of the Ellsworth Park. Construction is underway with a targeted end date of September 20, 2015. Roads Council discussed the status of Lincoln Avenue. Manager Loutitt reported the Borough Engineers are finally in contact with PAWC, and progress was made on Lincoln Avenue sidewalks. Planning / Code Enforcement Manager Loutitt reported that the Borough of Heidelberg received one proposal for replacing the porch at 1643 East Railroad Street. Public Comment (General items) Good of the Order PRESIDENT PATTINATO ADJOURNED THE MEETING AT 7:54 PM. Respectfully submitted, ________________________ Amanda Loutitt Borough Manager/Secretary/Treasurer  12CQghimv|L [ _ ` a j l m Ž~sk`UMhaCJaJh]h4CJaJh xh4CJaJh[XCJaJh;h[XCJaJh;h[X5:CJaJhSX5:CJaJh#h4CJaJh4CJaJh8]CJaJhsh4CJaJhHCJaJ hHheqh)k\h{ibhoh.hDh&h h5:CJ aJ h hB-5:CJ aJ 2hi` a m  . 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